#Google answers on #Amazon and #Apple – where’s #Microsoft?

Google, Amazon and Apple are fighting really hard this year for their markets, exciting times for customers as new gadgets arrive before christmas season starts. Google hardware product launches Google yesterday announced major product updates within their hardware section: Pixel 2 Google Home Mini Pixelbook Pixel Buds Google Clips Google Assistant Check out the video: Amazon … More #Google answers on #Amazon and #Apple – where’s #Microsoft?

Thoughts About Pleasure and Happiness

Today I’ve read a great post from Seth Godin about the difference of happiness and pleasure. Main differences in the definition are: Pleasure Happiness short-lived long-lived addictive additive selfish generous taking giving can be achieved with substances can’t be achieved with substances experienced alone experienced in social groups dopamine serotonin Due to the fact I … More Thoughts About Pleasure and Happiness

#Apple #HomePod – a cautious approach to #SmartHome #WWDC2017

A lot of articles have been posted after the WWDC2017 of Apple’s announcement to release the HomePod at for $349 (US) in white and space gray starting in December 2017 initially in Australia, the UK and the US. Apple’s attempt to close the gap to Amazon Echo and Google Home For me it is a … More #Apple #HomePod – a cautious approach to #SmartHome #WWDC2017

The hype of voice in 2017 still continues for #Amazon #Microsoft #Apple & #Google

What an fascinating Tuesday May 10th 2017, right with beginning of Microsoft Build 2017. The hype and peak of voice in 2017 still continues – really exciting times. Amazon as market leader Amazon is still leading with voice as a platform and continued to strenghten their position in the market of smart home by releasing Amazon EchoShow for US$230. … More The hype of voice in 2017 still continues for #Amazon #Microsoft #Apple & #Google

Three thoughts about #mobile is changing the world and strategies of #Microsoft #Windows10

The latest blogpost from Benedict Evans again showed some great figures and insights that mobile is changing the world. Here are three thoughts about how mobile is changing the world and strategies of Microsoft Windows 10: Microsoft is no longer dominant and has been outpaced due to the amount of sold mobile devices. The upcoming Microsoft Windows … More Three thoughts about #mobile is changing the world and strategies of #Microsoft #Windows10

PC sales are going up again #PostPC

Last night I was researching more details about the latest PC sales figures. Last month I’ve found an interesting article at TechCrunch about it: PC sales are up and tablets down http://t.co/2NjgpSmlMI — @Virtual_Patrick (@Virtual_Patrick) August 24, 2014   Reasons about the change are mentioned in the article: Businesses and consumers alike are again purchasing PCs, … More PC sales are going up again #PostPC