What I’m doing now

(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)


A picture that describes last year and will continue in 2021.

Under construction

I’m more or less renovating our old timber frame house, of course not alone and with a lot of help from beloved friends – otherwise this won’t be possible. The picture itself reflects my inner transition too. I’m reflecting and reading much more, while writing and journaling.

Know Thyself


Stoicism, mental models and a lot more help me reframing. Until now, I decided not to externalize my personal thoughts and journey in blog posts and keep them by myself.

Unfortunately, I was and will not be able to write that many posts on my blog. The flip side, there are enough new ideas to write about. The format of this blog will change over time by purpose. For me, this blog is an experiment and place to reflect.


Since October 2020, I’m happy I joined a team of six people to work on the successor of the current Telekom SmartHome app. Since End of February 2020 and the start of COVID19 in Germany last year, I’m working from home. Something I never thought of being possible for myself is happening and I’m happy about it.

Check out my profiles on LinkedIN or XING if you’d like to know more and would like to get in touch. Always happy to connect.

Learning to code

I started learning programming with Mimo, especially mobile development and code for iOS apps, in the beginning of last year. As I started with my new last year, I will continue my journey with web development, especially JavaScript and React. More to come, let’s see how good my progress really will be.