The Product Owner Overview as an Ultimative Mindmap

Since the last presentation at the German developer day in Frankfurt, I shared some learnings about having a common understanding for agile transitions. This lead me to the idea to write down an overview and understanding of the role of product owners. I’ve read so much and work so long in this role, that the … More The Product Owner Overview as an Ultimative Mindmap

Change Your Focus and Ask The Right Questions – Impact!

Successful companies have mastered and learned to focus on execution to run their business. But focussing on execution could be a trap, because there might be better ways to solve their customers’ problems, especially when it comes to disruption and disruptive technologies. In theory you want to disrupt yourself before someone else is disrupts you. … More Change Your Focus and Ask The Right Questions – Impact!

Creative Culture

Chef vs Cook A chef is expected to try lot of new things and come up with creative new dishes. Cooks are expected to make a dish efficiently with a little variation. But rather than focussing on business operations, you’ll need to constantly come up with new recipes. This is why creative environements and culture … More Creative Culture

Impression of the exclusive Matrix42 Customer Round Table 2016

Last Tuesday we offered an exclusive round table for Matrix42 customers working with Empirum in our headquarter in Frankfurt. We initially invited all existing customers registered at the Matrix42 Marketplace at least subscribed products from the client management, compliance or service management category. Interested customers then needed to apply for this exclusive workshop with the senior management … More Impression of the exclusive Matrix42 Customer Round Table 2016

Nonviolent #Communication for #agile teams

I’ve written before about the communication challenges of a scrum team. For me communication is nothing special to scrum, but it is very important to find a common understanding when comes to collaborative work building features and talking about user stories. It also improves our daily lifes working on our behaviors and attitudes. I’ve bought an audio … More Nonviolent #Communication for #agile teams

Business Assumption Worksheet for envisioning

This worksheet is originally created by Giff Constable to facilitate an assumptions discussion. I just wanted to add this to my blog to promote structured discussions about envisioning. There are plenty of other books and ideas out there, but I really like the easy way with this worksheet. Enjoy! Business Assumptions I believe my customers … More Business Assumption Worksheet for envisioning

#BusinessValuePoker for building a Product #Roadmap

At the end of last year I’ve made the great experience to built “yet another product roadmap” for our product line. This is nothing really new, except this was the first time overall for the whole product line while living agile. The sources where similar to past: Customer feedback Competitive Analyst Innovation External/ internal factors The … More #BusinessValuePoker for building a Product #Roadmap