Impression of the exclusive Matrix42 Customer Round Table 2016

Last Tuesday we offered an exclusive round table for Matrix42 customers working with Empirum in our headquarter in Frankfurt. We initially invited all existing customers registered at the Matrix42 Marketplace at least subscribed products from the client management, compliance or service management category. Interested customers then needed to apply for this exclusive workshop with the senior management and product team. We offered two days with two focus areas:

  • November 22nd: Client Management and Unified Endpoint Management
  • November 23rd: Service Management and Compliance

The reason for the application is simple and candid: we wanted all customers to have the chance to exchange with the senior management and product team. I was honored to host this event for our costumers throughout the day by moderating and organising the Empirum and Unified Endpoint Management workshop.


matrix42-customer-round-table-2016-hagridThe picture shows our group split into three to generate insight of challenges in a gallery walk (Image credits to Oliver Klünter).

What happened and who participated?

Overall eleven customers exclusively joined our workshop this day and we discussed their daily challenges and impressions working with our products. It was clear, not all applicants were able to participate – but at least everybody had a chance to.We invited customers from all segments starting with 300 devices up 10,000+ devices and multiple locations which were a good representation for our customer base. Listening and networking were main goals for the product managers this day. We presented our actual backlog, discussed and validated it by writing down the major challenges of them.

What’s next?

The next step for us is to reorganise our product backlog and enrich the epics with more details. The good news as well, we are going to solve important challenges for our customers in the rest of this year and 2017. If you’ve missed the Matrix42 customer round table in 2016, don’t worry, there will be another one next year. We also think to increase the frequency for such an event. There will always be a good mix between customer events, individual interviews and talks as well as customer surveys to provide your feedback. We love to here from you!

ROTI (Return On Time Invested)

This day was really excellent for us, the outcome was worth more than the time spent on the workshop. After the Matrix42 Customer Day in Hamburg and Mainz this really was an important event for us to gain more customer insights and feedback.

Have a great week!


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