Impressions of the Matrix42 Customer Day 2016 in Hamburg

On Oktober 27th I had the honor to represent Matrix42 for the second Customer Day in 2016 for the track “Unified Endpoint Management” – in short UEM. The day started with the keynotes from our new CEO Oliver Bendig and Nico Pfaff who is leading the German business. The house was fully booked with a beautiful audience of Matrix42 customers.


The customer day had four different breakout sessions after the keynotes and presentation of the Fraunhofer Institut:

  • Unified Endpoint Management
  • Enterprise Service Management
  • Cloud and Mobile
  • Hands on labs

Together with my colleagues Oliver Klünter and Matthias Vogt, we where driving this day with a lot of interesting sessions for our customers and had one customer presentation from Meko-S, how their experiences have been, how they are managing PCs and mobile devices with Matrix42. Oliver and me had to joined sessions about client and mobile device management, where we tried to show how to use our products and what is possible. Of course we gave and outlook of the current and upcoming initiatives to show our customers the value of our products.

The most valuable time of the day was in between the session while receiving direct feedback from customers.

Overall, we perceived really valuable feedback from our customers – a great day! I am really thankful for all the conversations and this experience. Especially the days since then I had such intense customer conversations which led to real value for both sides.

If you missed both events in Mainz and Hamburg, there is still another chance next year 2017 or please apply for our Customer Round Table in November.

Thank you and all the best,


P.S.: Credits and many thanks for the photos Madelyn Hernandez and Fabian Henzler.

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