Three thoughts about #mobile is changing the world and strategies of #Microsoft #Windows10

The latest blogpost from Benedict Evans again showed some great figures and insights that mobile is changing the world. Here are three thoughts about how mobile is changing the world and strategies of Microsoft Windows 10:

  1. Microsoft is no longer dominant and has been outpaced due to the amount of sold mobile devices. The upcoming Microsoft Windows 10 release only focussed on PC’s and is missing the mobile version, not only because of hardware challenges to run those devices with Windows 10. The mobile first strategy of Microsoft still has some challenges and mobile market opportunities fall short.
    Microsoft is no longer dominant
  2. Microsoft & Intel both missed the mobile tsunami. Android has become the dominant platform for mobile devices and iOS for tablets. It comes along that phones are bought every two years and PC’s every five years. If you have watched the latest Microsoft Build conference it is clear that Microsoft is trying to adopt Apple and Google apps to their platform with an migration plan. Obvious as well that Microsoft made Visual Studio Code available for multiple platforms too, which might be a good idea to win back developers using different platforms for development as they have gone away from Microsoft in the past but are used to Microsoft technologies.
    Microsoft and Intel are old school
  3. Phones are more sophisticated than PC’s – proliferation of sensors creates far more capability and sophistication than PC’s. One of the best strategies Microsoft offers with Windows 10 will be the IoT edition and the next big thing. As Microsoft missed a bigger market share in the mobile area, Internet of Things is the next big thing and might be a good strategy to win back market share in the mobile area. As the mobile supply chain dominates all technology, and smartphone components are broadly used, augmented reality (e.g. HoloLens), connected cars and home, wearables, drones etc. are on the horizon. New sensors and hardware devices enrich mobile devices as well, so the mobile platform is the most important hub to connect and create new businesses.


Also check my latest post from #Microsoft #Build2015.

Let me know your thoughts, love to read and learn more about it.



View full presentation from a16z:

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