#Microsoft is selling a vision while blending #Windows10 reality at #Build2015

This week there have been a lot of announcements at #Build2015 and I am expecting more concrete to come next week at #Ignite2015. My view about Microsoft is that they are still running after the mobile internet since desktops are no longer dominant. I have written another post back in 2013 about how important mobility is for software vendors, which underlines the importance of Windows 10 today:

Devices / Users (MM in Log Scale)


This graphic also marks an important indicator for the buzz around the Internet of Things (#IoT), because you have to think outside the box when you imagine the mentioned “multiple devices” from the graphic. A great presentation from @ValaAshafar explains the world around #IoT and the bandwagon for Windows 10 IoT:


So the unified approach from Microsoft about Windows 10 as one platform for all is huge an very important to win back market share as a platform, as for example the market for tablets is struggling due to 2-in-1 devices like the Microsoft Surface:

Microsoft as the leader of the desktop market has recognized the mobility threat and is embracing this challenge with multiple strategies:

  1. Native Microsoft apps for non-Windows platforms for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Note.
  2. Microsoft HoloLens came with a big bang last year and showed some impressive demos at Build:
    I am still curious about the innovation appearance about HoloLens, because predicted prices are higher than the Playstation and availability dates are unknown. Interesting too, that HoloLens was a big reason to buy Minecraft as Satya Nadella mentioned in an interview with the New York Times. A glimpse behind the scenes, the article mentioned some competitors as well with less market dominance compared to Microsoft but promising products for competitors:

  3. Besides the unified development approach of Microsoft bringing Visual Studio Code to all major platforms shows the tremendous momentum of the device and os diversity through mobility and cloud computing. Especially with the focus on building applications for Microsoft Azure.
  4. Microsoft continued the talk about universal apps along with the goal of 1 billion users within the next two to three years.
  5. Another great idea is the universal app approach with Microsoft Continuum to embrace Android apps to Windows platforms.
  6. Microsoft Continuum is much more promising when you think about turning Windows 10 phones into tiny, full-blown Windows PCs. The Nirvana Phone might become real.

But let’s face the reality, Microsoft has a long way to go with Windows 10 even they claim themselves a Mobile First, Cloud First company. This is the most interesting statement for me, that Microsoft is selling a vision while blending the Windows 10 reality. Their biggest challenges are their phone platforms and mobility itself:

I also recommend two inspiring posts about Build and Windows 10 from @JanDawson similar to my view:

Enough said, let’s check the announcements of Microsoft Ignite next week.

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