#Google answers on #Amazon and #Apple – where’s #Microsoft?

Google, Amazon and Apple are fighting really hard this year for their markets, exciting times for customers as new gadgets arrive before christmas season starts.

Google hardware product launches


Google yesterday announced major product updates within their hardware section:

Check out the video:

Amazon hardware product launches just a week earlier

Apple product announcements

The segments Apple, Amazon and Google are fighting for are overlapping, while Microsoft is lacking. Good overview to create a comparison list:

  • Phone
  • Tablet
  • Notebook
  • Watch
  • PC
  • TV
  • Entertain & home
  • Headphones
  • VR
  • AI
  • Camera
  • Movies
  • Music
  • ebooks
  • Assistant
  • Office
  • Photos
  • Cloud storage
  • Search
  • Voice

What do you think? Missing something?




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