#Google answers on #Amazon and #Apple – where’s #Microsoft?

Google, Amazon and Apple are fighting really hard this year for their markets, exciting times for customers as new gadgets arrive before christmas season starts. Google hardware product launches Google yesterday announced major product updates within their hardware section: Pixel 2 Google Home Mini Pixelbook Pixel Buds Google Clips Google Assistant Check out the video: Amazon … More #Google answers on #Amazon and #Apple – where’s #Microsoft?

Thoughts About Pleasure and Happiness

Today I’ve read a great post from Seth Godin about the difference of happiness and pleasure. Main differences in the definition are: Pleasure Happiness short-lived long-lived addictive additive selfish generous taking giving can be achieved with substances can’t be achieved with substances experienced alone experienced in social groups dopamine serotonin Due to the fact I … More Thoughts About Pleasure and Happiness

My #Apple #BYOD experience Part 3 – cable spaghetti and challenges

This is how my workplace now looks like. As the MacBook Air is limited to two USB and one Thunderbolt connection it is hard to mix it with my existing equipment. Last but not least I have found further Accessoires like my passive 4 slot USB hub (a gift from former days) and was able to connect … More My #Apple #BYOD experience Part 3 – cable spaghetti and challenges