My #Apple #BYOD experience Part 3 – cable spaghetti and challenges

MacBook Air at work - cable spaghetti

This is how my workplace now looks like. As the MacBook Air is limited to two USB and one Thunderbolt connection it is hard to mix it with my existing equipment. Last but not least I have found further Accessoires like my passive 4 slot USB hub (a gift from former days) and was able to connect my external mouse, headset and Windows keyboard (hear, hear). Last week I bought a USB to Ethernet adapter to solve the network issues I had at work. And don’t forget the Thunderbolt to DVI adapter to connect with my 27″ monitor and the power cord. Still have one USB slot free for external storage and backup. Now I better understand why to use bluetooth instead and get grilled by microwaves.

First time this week I relied on Windows software to do my work. But due to our Windows Terminal Server I was able to do my work there – thanks to our admins, really helped me a lot. What really drove me crazy this week was the BOX sync client. 100% CPU usage over three days of syncing and still at 28% of the data. This is one of the worst experiences since I work with the Mac, because the fan blowed my colleagues and me away.

Very positive experience this week: I was still able to work when the laptop of my colleague was out of battery and the MacBook Air showed 47%.

What else is surprising and reminds me a little bit on my iPhone experiences is the perception of colleagues, partners and customers. They seem to be more satisfied than me about the fact I am using a MacBook Air for work. The most repetitive assumption is that my company paid for the equipment – short answer: #BuyYourOwnDevice! We don’t have a stipend on my company yet so I spend all money on my own. This seems to relativize peoples expectations and if they are more interested I had interesting conversations.

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Similar experiences or advices for me? Let me know your thoughts.

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