PC sales are going up again #PostPC

Last night I was researching more details about the latest PC sales figures. Last month I’ve found an interesting article at TechCrunch about it:


Reasons about the change are mentioned in the article:

Businesses and consumers alike are again purchasing PCs, and Mac sales are on the rise year-over-year. Businesses in particular are forced to upgrade older PCs now that Windows XP is no longer supported. When purchasing a new PC, the main driver to choose a PC versus a tablet is fairly obvious: If you are creating any type of content regularly, you need a keyboard, a larger screen, and (for most businesses) Microsoft Office.


This reminds me on a longer conversation about my prediction for 2014, that their might be a turnaround for PC sales (see number 6).

Let’s see and wait what will happen in Q3, the server side looks promising as cloud computing is continuing its way as Gartner Says Worldwide Server Shipments Market Grew 1.3 Percent in the Second Quarter of 2014 While Revenue Increased 2.8 Percent.

More interesting are the upcoming predictions from Gartner about the next two years.

Android today is the leading OS (see table 2 at Gartner News), but it will increase its striking success in the future. It will be interesting to see if ChromeBooks are adopted from businesses in the near future. Citrix and VMware both have developed agents for ChromeOS to have access to corporate owned environments. Again – exciting times.

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