Lean on fire – how to built great products

Last week I had a great conversation about building products and how to maximize customer value. Due to this inspiring and compelling event I have read several articles about “Lean” including the mothership article The New New Product Development Game from Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka from January/ February 1986.

Because of my learnings of Jeff Patton about Product Ownership I am still very curious about the strategy of building backlogs which reminded me on the simple concept of the Lean Startup circle from Eric Ries:


Due to this simple concept I’ve made the decision to buy several books about Lean Management and I have started reading The Lean Startup from Eric Ries.

For me the lean startup circle is a perfect complement of the Product Team triad trying to understand what methods to use and how to maximize customer value and eliminate waste.

Product Team Triad


Maybe to simple and easy to be true, but I will figure it out. Feels like I am on fire about lean :).

Further ideas, then please let me know.

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