Creative Culture

Chef vs Cook A chef is expected to try lot of new things and come up with creative new dishes. Cooks are expected to make a dish efficiently with a little variation. But rather than focussing on business operations, you’ll need to constantly come up with new recipes. This is why creative environements and culture … More Creative Culture

Ask the right questions – even when “there is no right answer”

As a product owner I’m often being involved in discussions about building and doing it finally right. But what is right? What is the common understanding in doing it right? It depends on so many dimensions the counterparts are demanding and the finding about doing it right in building software is simple: There is no … More Ask the right questions – even when “there is no right answer”

Trust Is Adding Value To Your Daily Work

Size matters and size comes in different flavors like for example value, cost and time. All dimensions correlate somehow into results depending on the metric you’d like measure. Stop! Do you even measure one of those dimensions on a regular base? Do you make them transparent? For whom? Colleagues, your boss, your team, your organization or … More Trust Is Adding Value To Your Daily Work

Focus on Outcome and Value for Customers

Last Monday I had the pleasure to visit the agile Roundtable from the DBSystel with a great talk from Klaus Lepold at @DB_Skydeck. Beautiful view @DB_Skydeck #agileroundtable with @klausleopold — @Virtual_Patrick (@Virtual_Patrick) March 20, 2017 His talk was very inspiring especially for traditional companies with more hirarchies and project focus. His hypothesis and observation is based … More Focus on Outcome and Value for Customers

Beyond #Lean and #Agile

Marty Cagan inspired me to write two cents about my view of “beyond lean and agile“. I don’t have the experience like Marty, only 10 years in product management and 3 years as a product owner. Marty also pointed out how important the understanding of product managers vs product owners really is and how essential they are for building good products. Lean … More Beyond #Lean and #Agile

Impression of the exclusive Matrix42 Customer Round Table 2016

Last Tuesday we offered an exclusive round table for Matrix42 customers working with Empirum in our headquarter in Frankfurt. We initially invited all existing customers registered at the Matrix42 Marketplace at least subscribed products from the client management, compliance or service management category. Interested customers then needed to apply for this exclusive workshop with the senior management … More Impression of the exclusive Matrix42 Customer Round Table 2016

Nonviolent #Communication for #agile teams

I’ve written before about the communication challenges of a scrum team. For me communication is nothing special to scrum, but it is very important to find a common understanding when comes to collaborative work building features and talking about user stories. It also improves our daily lifes working on our behaviors and attitudes. I’ve bought an audio … More Nonviolent #Communication for #agile teams