About the Fear of Failure


In our industrialized world where we live today with mobile phones, computers and much more technologies, a rational fear for individual survival is so far away and rare than ever before.

So what are people afraid of?


The fear of failure is a really one of the biggest poison in creative environments like building software.

Celebration Grid for Companies

Jurgen Appelo illustrated a good way how to deal with failure and learnings and created the celebration grid. I really like the idea of a celebration grid for companies to visualize and reflect behavior and outcome to embrace learning.


We need to embrace and empower people in creative environments in order to help them to create their best work! Tweet this!

Accept failure to be free

Sometimes I even notice myself in being paralyzed by fear that things won’t work. I am trying to motivate myself then which is a kind of reassurance against the fear of failure.

Instead, a much better way is to try to accept the fear of failure even when it is happening to you.

The willingness to imagine and accept failure is necessary to be free. And freedom is mandatory to create your best work. Tweet this!

Freedom is my value to create exceptional work and products. Once escaped from a cage, don’t be the bird in search of a cage.

Always remember:

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!

All the best,


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