Ask the right questions – even when “there is no right answer”

Finally doing it -right-!

As a product owner I’m often being involved in discussions about building and doing it finally right. But what is right? What is the common understanding in doing it right? It depends on so many dimensions the counterparts are demanding and the finding about doing it right in building software is simple: There is no simple right answer! And why?

“Creative work doesn’t offer one correct and exclusive answer. – Seth Godin” Tweet this!”

Creative work is not mathematics and even in logical work there are plenty of ways in solving problems using different techniques. Building software is for me creative work, which could be seen as art.

“Great art is never finished, only abandoned. – Leonardo da Vinci” Tweet this!

So from a product owners perspective defining right is the answer to one of Jeff Pattons paradigms:

“At the end of the day, your job is to minimize output, and maximize outcome and impact. – Jeff Patton” Tweet this!

I’ve written about this topic as well in one of my posts before: Focus on Outcome and Value for Customers.

So doing it right means for me doing work and creating output that really impacts customers. Tweet this!.

And you can reach this goal by asking the right questions. I’ll try to write down more about this in an upcoming post about the book “The Lean Mindset – ask the right questions” by Mary and Tom Poppendieck.

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