2nd Product Owner Camp 2017 – Summary, Overview & Impressions #POCamp

Two days Product Owner Camp in Frankfurt @DB_Skydeck sponsored by @DBSystel – and I was really happy to participate and contribute this time. The #POCamp (official Twitter tag) was held as a typical barcamp in an open format.


Keynote with Klaus Leopold

The keynote was done remotely by Klaus Leopold about “Business Matters” – too bad he was not physically attending.


I’ve attended another session @DBSystel from Klaus before, please check it out here: Focus on Outcome and Value for Customers

Session Overview

The sessions were really broad in the variety and context of a product owner, topics like for example:

  • Backlogs & artefacts
    • User Stories writing & sclicing
    • Prioritization
  • Structuring like e.g. user story mapping, impact mapping, event storming, lean canvas, product discovery techniques etc.
  • Leadership and affected roles (scrum master, developers, testers)
  • Documentation
  • Tooling e.g. Jira etc.
  • Estimations
  • Design Thinking, Sprints
  • UX
  • Games e.g. Lego, role-playing
  • Communication
  • Conflict management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Contracts
  • Best practices, models & real life experiences
  • Metrics & KPIs
  • Technical debts and monoliths
  • Agility in various industries
  • Sketchnotes

So I would say the POCamp really covered most of the topics affecting a product owner, but in a different detail level as it was possible in a timebox of 45 minutes.

The most valuable thing on conferences or camps for me is networking. I am so happy and thankful about getting introduced or meeting new people, meeting familar faces and exchange on common challenges which is the most valuable piece for me.

Further Photo Impressions


Sketchnote impressions

I really recommend the sketchnotes of various people, so beautiful and great summaries of the session – please check out their twitter profiles for more information:

Many thanks to Mayflower, the orga team and all sponsors – you did a tremendous job!

Anything to add? Please share and let me know :).



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