#Apple in da house: My personal #BYOD experience

It’s done, I made it, I ordered it, I bought it, now own it: The Apple MacBook Air 13 inch. This is my second day to introduce myself into the new world of OS X and to be honest, I thought it would be much easier. There are a lot of barriers to cross once you had a lifetime Microsoft Windows experience like me. But I am still in the learning phase. Major installations (Office, Chrome, Evernote etc.), OS updates and configurations happend yesterday, but still is a longer distance to be productive and turn of my old Windows machine.


Today I tried to get some work down with emails, but still struggling with wifi at work. The sync with Outlook Exchange 365 also seems to lack in time. So I switched forth and between the Mac and Dell without being that lucky. I will work on list to compare between both platforms and Office is really an issue on OS X. Another learning is to install applications from the web. Since I was using an iPhone and iPad I always thought that most of the applications I’d like to use are available via iTunes – meh, not at all. Understanding and differences between DMG packages and MPK are getting better, so learning curve still goes up. Still working on the way to become faster due to keyboard shortcuts, missing some from the Windows world.

Stay tuned for some more. Next week Citrix Synergy starts, looking forward to work, write and show only with the Mac. Exciting times.

Interested, bored? Just leave me comment.



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