#Citrix Synergy Barcelona 2012 recap

This year I had the privilege to attend a fascinating Citrix Summit & Synergy in Barcelona. Compared to the event last year in Barcelona and this year in San Francisco Citrix has a much stronger mission and vision statement complemented with its product solution. So what happened?

The top topics and story from Citrix stayed the same:

  • Mobile workstyles – Any device
  • Cloud services – Any Cloud

Regarding to Gartner’s CIO survey from 2012, Citrix covers four top priorities:

  • #2 mobile
  • #3 cloud
  • #4 collaboration and
  • #5 virtualization

Just for the record, #1 top priority for CIOs is Analytics and Business Intelligence. So a huge opportunity for the ecosystem to gain from $19B market and its momentum:

  • Online collaboration and data sharing: $5B
  • Desktops & Apps: $8B
  • Cloud networking and Cloud platforms: $6B

Key metrics from the Citrix Summit ecosystem:

  • +1700 attendees
  • 900 CSA’s
  • 374 alliance
  • 192 SI’s
  • 68 CSP’s
  • 74 unique sessions
  • 12% increase in partner productivity; 22% in EMEA
  • 17% increase in product bookings

For sure Citrix also announced major updates to their product portfolio:

From an organizational standpoint Citrix changed evolved their partner and customer support with:

The strategic partnership between Cisco and Citrix might fire up a little bit some rumors about a greater mariage. Cisco is the #1 aspirant to buy Citrix, not only mentioned by Brian Madden in 2010.

There also was a lot of social media noise on Twitter and Facebook, Citrix offered live blogging on their website with @djfeller & @chrislcampbell.

Finally the claim still remain: “To create a world where people can work and play from anywhere”.

While the keynote at Synergy was held by Mark Templeton, all announcements were released on the Citrix website and blog – great timing & very impressive for me when recognizing while tweeting in parallel! Makes it much easier to write a post for this blog ;).

Missing something important for you? Let me know your thoughts.

P.S. This post was written on my BYOD (BuyYourOwnApple) experience.

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