Thoughts About Pleasure and Happiness

Today I’ve read a great post from Seth Godin about the difference of happiness and pleasure. Main differences in the definition are: Pleasure Happiness short-lived long-lived addictive additive selfish generous taking giving can be achieved with substances can’t be achieved with substances experienced alone experienced in social groups dopamine serotonin Due to the fact I … More Thoughts About Pleasure and Happiness

Releasing fast at scale like #Facebook

Last week I was lucky to read an article that made me think deep: #Facebook at scale “On #Android alone, we do between 50,000 and 60,000 builds a day.” — @Virtual_Patrick (@Virtual_Patrick) September 4, 2017 The fact to deliver code faster, safer, and with better quality is not new. It is a common … More Releasing fast at scale like #Facebook

Optimist vs Pessimist

Expertise is developed through hours of deliberate practise. One dimension is a challenging goal which relies on your nature of motivations. Who are you? Optimist Pessimist take more risks are more vigilant explore more options more detail oriented try something new? “Yes!” try something new? “Is it safe?” “can do” attitude failure is not an … More Optimist vs Pessimist

Impression of the exclusive Matrix42 Customer Round Table 2016

Last Tuesday we offered an exclusive round table for Matrix42 customers working with Empirum in our headquarter in Frankfurt. We initially invited all existing customers registered at the Matrix42 Marketplace at least subscribed products from the client management, compliance or service management category. Interested customers then needed to apply for this exclusive workshop with the senior management … More Impression of the exclusive Matrix42 Customer Round Table 2016

Matrix42 EPE 4 click like clockwork – 30 releases in 2016

Since February 3rd 2016, we now shipped up to 30 releases with the Matrix42 Bootimage Upgrade To EPE 4 to ensure OS installations with the latest and greatest hardware with Intel Skylake architectures. The EPE releases click like clockwork not because of challenges with the EPE, but due to the reorganisation in production to agility. … More Matrix42 EPE 4 click like clockwork – 30 releases in 2016