Creative Culture

Chef vs Cook A chef is expected to try lot of new things and come up with creative new dishes. Cooks are expected to make a dish efficiently with a little variation. But rather than focussing on business operations, you’ll need to constantly come up with new recipes. This is why creative environements and culture … More Creative Culture

#Apple #HomePod – a cautious approach to #SmartHome #WWDC2017

A lot of articles have been posted after the WWDC2017 of Apple’s announcement to release the HomePod at for $349 (US) in white and space gray starting in December 2017 initially in Australia, the UK and the US. Apple’s attempt to close the gap to Amazon Echo and Google Home For me it is a … More #Apple #HomePod – a cautious approach to #SmartHome #WWDC2017

Ask the right questions – even when “there is no right answer”

As a product owner I’m often being involved in discussions about building and doing it finally right. But what is right? What is the common understanding in doing it right? It depends on so many dimensions the counterparts are demanding and the finding about doing it right in building software is simple: There is no … More Ask the right questions – even when “there is no right answer”

Optimist vs Pessimist

Expertise is developed through hours of deliberate practise. One dimension is a challenging goal which relies on your nature of motivations. Who are you? Optimist Pessimist take more risks are more vigilant explore more options more detail oriented try something new? “Yes!” try something new? “Is it safe?” “can do” attitude failure is not an … More Optimist vs Pessimist

Lean Principles

  Thursday morning notes while reading the lean mindset by Mary and Tom Poppendieck: Focus on optimze the whole > focus on eliminating waste Focus on potential customers > focus on adding features for today’s customers Focus on experimentation > focus on predictability Focus on impact > focus on productivity Focus on resiliency of decentralization > … More Lean Principles

The hype of voice in 2017 still continues for #Amazon #Microsoft #Apple & #Google

What an fascinating Tuesday May 10th 2017, right with beginning of Microsoft Build 2017. The hype and peak of voice in 2017 still continues – really exciting times. Amazon as market leader Amazon is still leading with voice as a platform and continued to strenghten their position in the market of smart home by releasing Amazon EchoShow for US$230. … More The hype of voice in 2017 still continues for #Amazon #Microsoft #Apple & #Google