Writing in the Age of AI

Writing in the Age of AI

Hypothesis: Writing in the rising age of AI and ChatGPT is getting harder. But why?

I read some thoughts by Seth Godin in the beginning of this year and they still resonate. Why would writing become harder? Some thoughts and hypothesis:

  • Written information by humans should add more value to readers than AI.
  • It’ll be harder for writers to resist using AI to create, edit or review with AI.
  • It’ll be harder for readers to differentiate, what is created by a person or AI.
  • Echo AI information, reviews and recipes will add limited value for other people.
  • More noise instead of signals: how to escape mediocre content production and create something unique?

General thoughts about AI and my writing

What content should I write about that adds more value to my readers compared of giving context to ChatGPT and review the answers?

My newsfeeds and newsletters are currently full and flooded with ChatGPT examples.

As I do my own research about ChatGPT while stumbling over some articles, I sometimes feel annoyed as they often only share experiences about questions and answers about specific topics plus how good or bad, they are. Some people focus on asking better questions and context to ChatGPT to get better answers. They offer recipes and hacks to get better results through it. Wondering how long it might take new profiles or even jobs will arise to tweak and optimize AI systems.

Don’t get me wrong, I do see a huge value and potential in AI and believe it will help us in various ways, but how should I differentiate?

How can I add more value to my environment?

Examples could be sharing case studies and real-life experiences as I think they still offer value. Connecting dots of various topics and writing deeper about them might too. In general building meaningful connections remain as belonging is a human core value for me.

So, here I am, wondering and pondering. 🤔

Instead of overthinking, I try to take action, listen and learn. Do the work! I didn’t want to review ChatGPT examples, questions and answers to write about. There has to be more.

I’d like to become a voice, not an echo. Be a signal, not the noise.

Therefore, I’d like to start writing again on a more regular cadence. If you’ve read that far, I’d love to learn more from people like you, your thoughts, advise and help. What am I missing?

Please reach out, I’d be happy to connect and exchange, or just leave a comment.


Patrick 🙏

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