Be the person you’d like to meet

Be the person you'd like to meet.

One of the most valuable times of the week is reflection and planning for me. I journal at least two times a day (morning and evening). Plus, the weekly and monthly views are helpful to see what happened, what I learned based on my experiences and what to do next for longer periods of time and to take action.

This week I’ve chosen a new daily affirmation that I’d like to share:

Be the person you’d like to meet.

For me, this affirmation is very actionable, as it reminds me on a daily base to rethink my actions in the way I’d like to be treated and treat others that probably helps me to become a better version of myself.

As you might made it till here, I’m curious about your learning, what and how do you work on yourself to find the best version of yourself? How or what are you doing to improve your daily habits to transform your intentions into actions?



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