Webinar with Biggerplate about “Mind Mapping the Product Owners Overview”

Today, I was thankful and happy to volunteer for a business club webinar at Biggerplate about “Mind Mapping the Product Owners Overview”. The webinar was hosted by Liam Hughes who is an expert in mind mapping tools and shares the same passion in mindmapping like I do. Liam contacted me some weeks ago due my blogpost The Product Owner Overview as an Ultimative Mindmap and kindly asked me to do a webinar together with Biggerplate – and here we are today. The webinar was recorded, so please register yourself at Biggerplate.com for more details. Here are the slides from todays webinar:

Final compressed mindmap could be downloaded here: Product Owner.xmind

Or at Biggerplate.com: http://bit.ly/2HBI2ON



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