Miele Prisma W850 repaired – no need to buy a new washing machine now

After one week without my washing machine, I finally repaired it on Saturday. Because of this journey, I’ve decided to write an off-topic post about it. It was tremendously easy to repair it and I’d like to avoid early replacements of washing machines, due to uneconomical decisions.

Model: Miele Prisma W850

Manufactured: 10.08.2000

The problem: The washing machine wasn’t spinning any more and “Spülen” flashed.

After some internet research about the problem, I’ve found various reasons what it might be. I’m not that experienced in analyzing electronic cabels and the threads. Therfore I’ve decided to give it a chance by calling a local reseller with a technical service. Costs: 55 Euro.

This guy was tremendous, he showed and explained me in detail everything which was needed. The problem of the local reseller: they only sell the whole module due to gurantee and insurance issues. Costs: 450 Euro for the new module all included.

This would literally mean to buy a new washing machine.

As this is my first washing machine ever, I’ve decided then to contact Peter Stuart from Youfixit. They offer the exact repair service to fix it. So they repaired my Miele EL200 module and I bought a pair of new shock absorbers. And it works again with repair costs less then 100 Euro. Overall costs with technician to analyze the EL200 module as my problem round about 150 Euro with shipping. I’m really happy about the service and the fact that the machine works again. Thank you very much!


Anything to add? Questions? Let me know.



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