Recap & Impressions from #PMcampRM plus the #waterfall reality about #Agile in #Germany

Recap PMCampRM – what a ride!

The last two days really have been a ride at the PM Camp in Frankfurt. I bought the tickets as an early bird this year without a clue what it is and what might happen just to force myself for further self improvement. The summary upfront: The event was worth every cent – gorgeous and open people shared experiences from their daily work in projects. And the best of all: networking in the same community of interest.

Impressions from PMCampRM

The event location itself is absolutely great to open the mind and inspire, many thanks to @DBSystel, @DB_Skydeck and especially for the org @Markus_Berk for having us.

The event was done in an open space format with the focus on projects and project management.

Check out Twitter #PMCampRM for more details or the wall.

Jeff Sutherland about Scrum in Germany

For me as a product owner it was great to find and learn more @PMCampRM about synergies between waterfall and agile projects, because it is the reality as of today in Germany. Jeff Sutherland described his maturity view on agile in Germany at the ScrumDay in Stuttgart:

In the Shu state, the Scrum implementation is led by waterfall management who want to give waterfall orders and receive all the old waterfall reports. The management often impliments a so-called “scaling framework” to serve an an interface layer between the waterfall and the Scrum. Agile is viewed as something that management thinks makes deverlopers go faster, even though they have no idea what it is, having never practiced it.

More about Shu, Ha, Ri in an older post from myself: #Scrum: The journey to a life changer?!

Thank you very much to the org team behind #PMCampRM for hosting this marvelous event!

Something to add? Different view? Let me know.

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