The luxury of being offline – insights and learnings without dopamin

More than ONLY three days offline


After more than only 3 days without a mobile phone, since yesterday I am back online again. It comes with mixed feelings and some insights I’d like to share – nothing special only some of my experiences and insights during this time.

Simon Sinek about Millenials and technology usage

I feel addicted to the usage of mobile phones. Not using one really made me uncomfortable without any reason. I recognised myself in becoming nervous not being able to pick up the phone. Was I missing something? What happened? I found some answers when watching an interview with Simon Sinek about the Millenials:

It’s all about dopamin and it is highly addictive!

Track your technology behavior

Since last year I was trying to reduce the usage of my mobile phone. Therefore I downloaded Moment to track my behaviors. My daily phone use with daily and weekly pickups, weekday and weekend averages, screen free best and worst times and how much time I spend on my phone.

I spend 16% of my daily life on my phone. This is more than 230 minutes per day! On the average, every 23 minutes I pick up my phone.

The app says I am in the yellow zone, which means some kind of warning to me.


  1. Once you are not able to be called or call anybody else you totally focus on your life around you. And that’s the way it should be. Living the life which happens exactly right now around you is the only one which really is important. “Being social online” is a complete distraction from the life which happens around you. Sure, you might be in contact with the beloved ones, but you are missing the chance to make new contacts and value the people around you. It is good as well to let go your beloved ones till you see them again. Most of the conversations are not that critical nor important and can be directly face to face.
  2. Technology is an enabler for life, not the way around. Life shouldn’t be led by technology and make you that distracted to value and live your life. Question yourself how much technology helps you to live a better life.
  3. Clean up your technology stack regularly – unsubscribe and delete!
  4. I had several discussions about the usage and influence of mobile phones. My recommendation is to track your technology behaviors and interpret it for yourself. Once you do, are you happy with your behaviors? Did you expect this usage? Do you want to change something? Not everybody is unsatisfied with his mobile usage, they really value it and that’s good.
  5. If possible, try to detox from technology for a longer period of time – days or weeks. You’ll find plenty of articles about it.

After my experiences, not being distracted from technology is a luxury for me.

What do you think about it? Let me know.

All the best,


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