Two Fundamental Sources About Why #Mobility Is Changing The World

Understanding mobility and what it does right now and in the future to our environment is huge. So I’d like to share two sources of  presentations which explained the challenges and situations very sharp and brief to me. The first one is from Benedict Evans (@benedictevans) who is a partner at A16Z about “Mobile is eating the world”:

Really recommend his weekly email newsletter as well, great insights:

If you are more interested in video presentations, here you go:

The second presentation was another one from Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers (KPCB):

There are plenty of more sources about explaining mobility and its implications to IT our there, but both of them inspired and changed my view. I am very thankful about the content, that’s why I want to share this again. Hope it has a similar or another effect on you.

All the best and happy reading!

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