The right attitude for #scrum and #life – #Inspire

This week I am inspired by two posts I have found from my social network which made me think about the right attitude to scrum and life. So I’d like to re-share them in a post.

I love this letter from a Product Manager’s view to the engineer. Right now I am facing similar challenges, like whining about testing & automation due to the massive technical debt or continuous delivery. The main thing I’d like the team to focus is to make the product better for users and make sure our customers get use of the product due to a release (hotfix, patch or whatever). So everybody from the team has to make sure to do the right things to ship the new things to the customers. It is not only about focusing on writing code and developing features. Focus on what is needed for delivery and get your hands on!


This statement originally from Maryl Streep is a bold one. I like her attitude and am able to identify the same values for life.


Both articles correlate for me when I think about scrum, teams, individuals and values in a daily life at work. It is all about our attitude! So work on it, to deliver the best of you.

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