#Mobility shift should be number one focus for software vendors

As a Product Manager I am preaching mobility like a pastor. It started 2011 for the first time, when Smartphone shipments outpaced PCs where I liked the terminology of the Post-PC era. This year 2013 analysts forecast that tablets and smartphones will double PCs. That is a huge turnaround and it will continue if  for example BI Intelligence is right:

Business Insider

Nevertheless Phablets are the latest mix of phones and tablets. Discussions about Phablets are only marketing hypes and hopes that this terminology is only temporary will continue. As mobility is still one of the hottest areas in IT and will continue to grow new devices will evolve and “Phablets” will stay.

The rapid adoption of mobile devices in combination with existing PCs is changing the software industries focus to mobile user experience. Mobile devices and access to business critical applications are continuing to be the number one problem for enterprises. Software solutions like areas of Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application Management continue to evolve to a bigger perspective like Enterprise Mobility Management.

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