Last post: Freedom with my #Apple #MacBook Air


Second post in this year, I need to continue to write more to my blog. Foto is taken before the post was written.

Finally I have found my freedom with Apple and my MacBook Air. It took me some time to get used to the concept and found wonderful new features and user experiences which are different to the Windows world. My recent experience is Xcode, where I have started to code my first iPhone/ iPad app. The way Apple opens programming to their user base is much more comfortable than Microsoft. The same experience with iTunesU where people who are trying to get better every day find a way to do it. Of course all this is not limited to Apple users, but the way to get used to it is much more easier, because it is part of the ecosystem.

I am often asked about the device and how it is better or not compared to a Windows device. The answer is not easy, because it heavily depends on the individual user experience and habits you have. From my experience Windows 7 is a very good OS for Desktops and Laptops. And you still depend on Microsoft Virtual Machines because usually within a company there are too many applications which are written in a Microsoft world. Microsoft Office is one of my biggest concerns if you a heavy user of Outlook, Word, Powerpoint and Excel, because the features on an Apple device are much more limited. Maybe Office365 will be the solution in the future which fits best.

There is not an easy answer which is right or wrong that Apple is better or not, you have to make your own experiences. All I can say is that the Apple MacBook Air works for me and I have finally found my freedom.

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