User Workspaces or Workplaces in the Post-PC Era

Two weeks ago at Citrix Synergy I had the chance to attend to a great GeekSpeak session with Brian Madden about his thoughts around virtualization. If you combine traditional desktops with remote shared desktops, VDI desktops, client-based virtual machines and finally OS streamed desktops the world is getting more complex than ever before. One graphic really illustrated the complexity of an IT administrator in Post-PC era and I added endpoints as well:

It is a rainbow full of different colors and the lines between good and bad desktop delivery methods are frequently blurred. The standard desktop in a virtualized world is Microsoft Windows, but who wants to run a Windows on an Apple or Android device? How does this fit to new input devices and gestures? The complexity is obvious. HTML5 will also not solve all problems; from my standpoint it is definitely the vision and future for standard applications. Cloud services will ease the use and freedom for users, but the user experience is still better with a native application. Cloud-based services won’t kill Windows, I really recommend reading this article and giving it a thought.

Further ideas? Let me know your thoughts.

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