Microsoft Windows 8 Companion Device License (CDL) for VDI – what does it mean?

With Windows 8 Microsoft introduced the new Companion Device License (CDL) for VDI.

What does it mean? Great article from Gabe Knuth. Important to know:

[…] CDL allows employees to use up to four other devices (per primary licensed device) to connect to their virtual desktop, regardless of where they’re located. By “device,” I mean anything — iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, PC at home, Mac, etc.[…]
[…] you have to buy the CDL on top of the SA or VDA […]
[…] It doesn’t matter whether the user or the company owns the device, so while it has bring your own device (BYOD) implications, the new Windows VDI licensing isn’t limited to BYOD. In fact, if those devices simply stayed at home, there would be no need for the CDL. […]
[…] If you buy a device with WinRT installed, it has built-in VDA privileges, assuming the primary device has SA or VDA […]

The message is easy: Microsoft licensing is still a pitfall if you want to go virtual!

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Windows 8 Companion Device License (CDL) for VDI – what does it mean?

    1. Hi Edward,

      From my perspective CDL covers bb mobile devices and playbook as well. CDL is made for access to a Windows based virtual desktop environment, so the end-user device, vendor or OS is not interesting.

      Also check out this one: Demystifying #Microsoft #virtual desktop #licensing: #SA vs. #VDA vs. #CDL


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