/now and 2021

Long time no see. Last year and COVID19 was quite a ride so far. As I focused in 2020 more about myself, I was not able to write blogposts like I intended to. At the end of last year finally the print version of the latest book by Derek Sivers “Hell yeah or no” arrived, so I was able to read and think about each and every story for a some time. The book is completely online, go check it out or listen to single chapters. I did some research too and found the concept of nownownow.com/about. Therefore I created my own /now page.

Photo by Elly Fairytale on Pexels.com

I don’t have many plans for 2021 to write more, so I’d need to cultivate writing as a habit again. Content-wise as I started with a new team end of October last year in a different environment and setup, I could share some experiences about SAFe in the enterprise context, but am somehow tired of writing about Agile. But we’ll see.

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