About Imagineering, Completion and Professionalism – while not sharing everything you know

Vacation is a great time. I love traveling and experiences with other cultures as all this comes with a huge enrichment out of my daily work and life.

Walt Disney

As Disneyland might sound trashy or childish to some readers, it is absolutely worth a trip, especially to have a look behind the scenes and absorb a different world. As a stranger at the airport called the relation to visit Disneyland: “it shows that you are still young at heart”. I like his interpretation.

I’ve found two plates worth sharing as they  resonate that much with my thinking in software development that I really was surprised how clear sighted Walt Disney was at life time and how much power his words still have at present and for the future.

About Finishing and Completion


Disneyland will never be completed as long as there is imagination left in the world.

— Walt Disney

Another great one can be found here as Pixar is now part of Disney with the same thinking:  […] films don’t get finished, they just get released.

The same resonates for me with software, it’s never finished only released. It was also great to see the various fun rides as there is a parallel with different software categories and products.

Disney’s “Imagineering” and Tomorrow

I was also astonished and overwhelmed about the terminology of “imagineering”. What a great word to describe creative work. It is so related to software engineering that I’d like to adapt it.

Next time, we'll do it better!

The same comes with acceptance and how to see the present and future work:

Next time, we’ll do it better.

— Walt Disney

What an easy and profound way. Nothing more to say.

Didn’t experienced before that both industries entertainment and information technology have that much in common.

Pondering about Excellence and Professionalism

As usual I’ll try to take more time for reading. At least I was able to finish some books and tests. A lot of the reading was about work, excellence and professionalism, which are absolutely worth another blog post.


For me, a lot of things again come back to principles which are great guidelines in life.

On my way to the rest room

…I found this funny wise saying:

Perfect way to finish this post.

Have a good one!


P.S.: Happy sharing! And never forget:


(Street Art)

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