Twenty Thoughts For 2018 And Beyond

This year I’m very thankful about new learnings and deepen existing ones. Due to the fact of working in a new job I gained some enrichments which I’d like to write down and share my experiences. Some of them might be obvious and well known to you, I like them to reframe attitude.

  1. Try to listen more careful and deep.
  2. Try to think more before talk.
  3. Don’t answer everything, if an information was already shared.
  4. Try to be more polite.
  5. Don’t try to see everything too serious and ambitous. Some things could be seen with a smile and sense of humor which makes life and people more happy.
  6. Don’t try to teach people, make proposals to share your ideas.
  7. Don’t ignore or wait with conflicts. Try to confront and solve them immediatly.
  8. Try to focus – limit you work in progress!
  9. Try to focus more on the people surrounding who give to you.
  10. Try to read more.
  11. Try to learn more.
  12. Try to excercise more.
  13. Try to write down your experiences, reflect yourself about the findings and try to improve through actions.
  14. Try to say “no”, if it doesn’t belong to you.
  15. Don’t try to please everybody.
  16. Try to be less distracted by notifications.
  17. Try to work with the system.
  18. Change is positive.
  19. Lead by example, just make it happen by yourself, if you really want it.
  20. Stay hungry, stay foolish!

The baseline for a healthy attitude:

“We’re defined by our actions, not our words.”

Captain Fantastic

So what’s next? Keep going on with what I’ve learned so far. I’ll try to create, share, improve and give the best I’m able to do. It’s always our turn & responsibility.

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

Bernhard Baruch

Thanks for having me. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


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