Malteser Social Day 2016 – thanks for this great experience

Since the last three years Matrix42 is volunteering once a year for the Malteser Social day. This year we were volunteering at several projects and we had the pleasure to organize a festivity for elderly people at theSankt Katharinen und Weißfrauenstift Frankfurt-Niederursel.


The day started at 10am with setting up the room with tables, chairs and decoration. During this process the local TV station came along with filming our work during the day which was broadcasted at hessenschau the same day. At 11am we did a short breakfast break with the final instructions for the day. We decorated the room, prepared the food and drinks. The first clients arrived before 1pm and were able to choose the best seats for this day.


The entertainment for this day started his show directly after the official salutation of the institution and the Malteser official. The Italian musician was great in entertaining the people while we were serving the meal and drinks to the people. We also had enough time to talk to the people and listen to their stories which was the best experience. At 4pm the first clients left the party and we started to wash the dishes and clean the room. Our service included serving food and drinks, as well as clearing the tables and good conversations. We helped the people getting back to the transportation and cleaned up the room and dishes. At 5:30pm we had a short debriefing with the organization hosts and received a thank-you gift for the day.

The biggest gift of that day was participating the social day, having the possibility to volunteer for elderly people, the conversations and getting in touch with them, being part of them for at least some hours and listening to their stories. Thank you very much for having us and the possibility to give back. It was a marvelous day and absolutely one of my favorites.

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