#VMware continuous momentum in End-User Computing and acquired #Immidio #EUC

Again, VMware did another acquisition in the market for End-user computing and bought Immidio. There have been rumors before on several sources like for example Gabe Knuth from BrianMadden.com in his post back in October 2014 “If VMware wants into the UEM space, should they build or buy? A look at who they might target and why.“. So we now phase a new marketing term “Workspace Environment Management”:

The interesting piece is that VMware is continuing to invest and grow their solutions for End-user computing. If you look back to the end of 2013 VMware’s footprint in the EUC market was decreasing with no real focus in this market segment.

In fact within 1.5 years VMware’s position totally changed and Immidio is a great next step to complete a End-User solution for the market. The challenges I see for VMware are the different technologies and user experiences due to different products from their acquisitions. The pace of VMware and EUC is extraordinary fast, but I believe customers expect a more unified user experience of VMware’s products. VMware is doing a great job so far in harmonizing their product portfolio, but still a way to go.

In contrast, Citrix did several acquisitions between 2010 and 2014 and now released their restructuring program for 2015:

Citrix also announced the implementation of a restructuring program designed to increase strategic focus and operational efficiency. The restructuring will affect approximately 700 full-time and 200 contractor positions, and is expected to result in annualized pre-tax savings in the range of approximately $90 million to $100 million. Citrix expects to incur pre-tax charges in the range of approximately $40 million to $45 million related to employee severance arrangements and $9 million to $10 million related to the consolidation of leased facilities during fiscal year 2015.
“We hear every day from customers about the dual pressures they face – to deliver business results, while creating an engaging work-life experience for their people,” said Mark Templeton, president and CEO, Citrix. “Our focus on enabling a software-defined workplace is putting Citrix in front of this strategic challenge through the unique integration of our delivery networking solutions, workspace services and mobility apps. I’m proud of our 2014 performance, but we’re not satisfied. We are looking ahead to 2015 with a focus on innovation that delivers a better experience, more flexibility and greater security to our customers, and a more focused organizational footprint that enables profitable growth.”


You cannot compare the different situations both companies are in, but it will be interesting to see the market evolving in 2015.

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