#CitrixSynergy Keynote – Executive Summary

Citrix Synergy keynote from Mark Templeton started with The Who & is now over with great announcements for this year. The show is very exciting and inspires me a lot. I really love the open culture and things people do and talk. For all who are not able to visit or join the conference, I’d like to provide you a short high-level overview.

The main message of today and Citrix Summit was: Citrix is going mobile.

Why? Mobile is the number one topic dominating CIOs mindshare. The most common answer of CIOs: “I want to mobilize my business”.


As the reason why this is so important, Citrix understands the following reasons for it:

  1. Consumerization (Diversity in Devices, Apps, Computing, BYOEverything)
  2. Generations (Workforce born digital, addressing the work style requirements)
  3. Disruptions (Earthquakes etc.)

Another one

So the answer to all this is Mobile Workstyles. Mobile Workstyles includes:

  • Workflow Transformation
  • Workforce Engagement
  • Workplace Reinvention

Product announcements:

  • DesktopPlayer for Mac (Access to Windows virtual desktops, transition between local and hosted desktops, BYOD for Macs)
  • Citrix Excalibur evolves to XenDesktop 7 (VDI, App, Enterprise and Platinum Edition); available in June
  • XenApp 6.5 FP2; available in June
  • XenMobile (MDM, App & Enterprise Edition)
  • Workx App SDK
  • ShareFile StorageZone Connectors

Another thing I’d totally agree is the concept about that velocity and magnitude increased in time:


Citrix XenMobile in combination with HDX mobile really was

Worx App SDK => MDXSDK/FunctionRename.h everything you really need?

Strategic partners mentioned in the keynote:

  • Microsoft
  • Cisco
  • NVIDIA itself on the stage

Finally one more thing:

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2 thoughts on “#CitrixSynergy Keynote – Executive Summary

  1. To me it looks like the same story Citrix is telling us since they bought Zenprise. Not that I don’t like what they do but I thought they conjure a rabbit out of the hat. No surprises. Or did I miss something?

    1. No huge surprises or big acquisitions at Citrix Synergy. But clear vision and strategy with Mobile Workstyles as well as executing against it. Citrix is definitely doing the right things and is able to communicate this very sharp.

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