Post-PC era – What is it and why is it so important?

BYOD – Bring Your Own Device and consumerization of IT are major drivers for the Post-PC era. Mhm, Post-PC era, what does it really mean? I heard the term first from CEO Mark Templeton at Citrix Synergy SFO last year and was not able to start of with the terminology. In 2010 Citrix was talking so much about “BYOD” that I was not sensitive with “Post-PC”. Late November Simon Bramfitt posted the terminology again via Twitter and I have asked him for more information. Simon wrote then a nice article about his thoughts around the post-PC era: “If you want something post-PC, go buy a Kindle!

Again and again I have read quotes about the term post-PC era for example from Steve Jobs from June 2010: “Steve Jobs proclaims the post-PC era has arrived“. Finally in the beginning of this year I was able to do some research about it which I wanted to share.

Five realizations for the Post-PC era:

1. Smartphone shipments outpaced PC in 2011 is a fact which has many sources on the internet. It characterizes a tipping point for the Post-PC era:

Mobile vs PC shipments


2. Mobile devices will exceed PCs and Internet Desktops over time. Morgan Stanley expects 10+ Billion devices till 2020:

 Devices / Users (MM in Log Scale)

Mobile devices are not limited to smartphones or tablets. It is a broader range like eReaders, MP3, Cell Phone, Car Electronics, Games, Wireless Home Appliances etc.


3. Tablets are the biggest driver today and gain momentum in the enterprise as well.

4. The majority of time spent on PCs is consuming content which has a significant usage overlap with mobile devices. Tablets will reduce the PC consumption usage over time.

Tablets Reduce PC Consumption Usage


5.  Desktop virtualization is pushed by the growth of mobile devices to have access to business critical apps.

Citrix did a smart move at Synergy 2011 by using the term “Post-PC” era as a marketing tool. They eliminated “Post” and turned it into 3xPC:

  • Personal Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Public Cloud

So now I understand a little better the Post-PC era and why this is so important.

Further comments? Better sources? Let me know your thoughts.

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