A Potpourri of Product, Organization, Team and Individual Thoughts

TL; DR A tweet by John Cutler made me think over two weekends, so I wanted to write about it. It ended in a much broader spectrum, overview of concepts, methods and statements than expected. I sure could have split it smarter into multiple posts, but wanted to dot the line between them how organisation … More A Potpourri of Product, Organization, Team and Individual Thoughts

Thoughts About Pleasure and Happiness

Today I’ve read a great post from Seth Godin about the difference of happiness and pleasure. Main differences in the definition are: Pleasure Happiness short-lived long-lived addictive additive selfish generous taking giving can be achieved with substances can’t be achieved with substances experienced alone experienced in social groups dopamine serotonin Due to the fact I … More Thoughts About Pleasure and Happiness

Creative Culture

Chef vs Cook A chef is expected to try lot of new things and come up with creative new dishes. Cooks are expected to make a dish efficiently with a little variation. But rather than focussing on business operations, you’ll need to constantly come up with new recipes. This is why creative environements and culture … More Creative Culture